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Cat Litter And BoxesWelcome!

Here at Cat Litter and Boxes, we feel our site is really unique as we target one of the most common problems cats and their owner’s face – litter and litter boxes.

Our main goals are to share great tips, product reviews, and easy ways to find the products you need.

Rest assured, Cat Litter and Boxes goes beyond just placing up products, we are a small group of life-long cat owners and experienced rescue employees of local cat rescues who wish to bring our knowledge and expertise to others in need.

Our site’s main focus is multiple cats because multiple cat homes tend to have more litter and litter box problems than homes with just one cat. The average cat owner typically has 2-3 cats. Maybe cats are like chocolate and chips – you can’t have just one. We’re not 100% sure, if we find the answer we’ll get back to you.

Through LOTS of trial and error, years of working alongside veterinarians, and hands-on cat experience we can help you solve litter box issues, choose the best products for you and your cat, and so much more!

Our articles and reviews are 100% our own. What we review are products we use or products we thoroughly research. We’ve also worked with a very diverse group of cats over the years. The same goes for our content, the articles come from real experiences and years of actually doing and researching different situations and settings with cats.

We can’t wait to get started and help all the cat lovers out there.